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At Cromford Designs, we provide a full installation service for radio control and sound systems in your loco.


We can often squeeze radio control systems in smaller locos than you'd imagine - the smallest is our gauge 1 Ruston 48DS, which carries all battery and RC equipment on board - no need for any battery carrying vehicle. Similarly, the model of Locomotion in gauge 1 carries the batteries in the water tank, and all the electronics are buried in the coal space and chassis of the tender.


We pride ourselves on installing equipment so that it's not visible when the loco is in motion. Charging sockets and on/off switches are normally hidden under filler caps, tool boxes or any other appropriate places.


We always use high quality soldered connections, with micro plugs and sockets so that, in the unlikely event of a component failure, it can be easily replaced.


Typical systems currently used are:


  • Crest Revolution 57000 Train Engineer system (or revo for short) - this is excellent high-end control system, which we've been able to configure to work with servo systems.

  • Omni - this is a good basic system, which saves having the typical aircraft style handset

  • Micron - excellent for the smallest of locomotives


However, we can also work with you and your system of choice to provide the best solution for your needs.


Feel free to call us to have a chat about what's best for you.

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